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Pain is a suffering and it affects ALL aspects of your life.

Pain originates from structural or nonstructural damage at the tissue level giving rise to inflammation which in turn stimulates nerve fibers to send pain signals to the brain.

 Injury —-> Inflammation —–> Pain

Pain is called ACUTE when it started recently and it is called CHRONIC when it is going on over at least a month. When somebody is in constant pain their ability to function properly declines and they live a poor quality of life. That also leads to deconditioning and further worsens the problem.

Our goal is to target your problem and get rid of it. Our major emphasis is on diagnosing your problem first before treating it. In our practice, we provide a Narcotics Free solution to your pain. Our main mode of treatment is Interventional Pain although we utilize some of the very helpful non narcotic medications. 

Our location is easily accessible and we have an onsite state of the art fluoroscopy suite which makes getting procedures fast and with comfort.




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